Product 35

Stools #358054 & #358043

Product 37

Style nr: 358074

Product 36

Saddle (358018) Wheel bearings (358027 & 358031) Cart (358056)

Product 10

  Handcarved mirror made in Indonesia (327573)

Product 22

Handmade teak sculptures (337387-342183-342175-342171-342167)

Product 9

  South African telephone wire basket weaving (328062)    

Product 7

328151 Painted ostrich eggs from South Africa

Product 4

  C-321086 / 321089 / 321092 Beijing-Repro bedside cabinet - Pine  

Product 8

  Polished petrified wood slice on stand: FLTR 337291-337043-337051-337069-337087-337097-337283-337111      

Product 21

Bronze statues (341527-341532-341531-341708-341533-341529 )

Product 6

  Teak pieces in unique shapes & various colors (FLTR: 337217-337244-337238-337251-337246-337268-337235-337245-337256-337221-337269)

Product 11

  Decorative Chinese calligraphy brushes (ref: CB-617-362-393-119-240-473)    

Product 12

  Hand carved cow skull from Indonesia with Buddha & dragon image (ref: 327634)    

Product 13

  Japanese tansu cabinet with ceramic hibachi (ref: 143764 & 285030)    

Product 14

  Various old statues from Indonesia (Bali)    

Product 15

  Chinese jade disk on stand (ref: 331121 through 331126)    

Product 16

  Original buckets from Sichuan area (China). Used for yak butter-processing (nrs 336057 through 336066)    

Product 20

Natural teak bowls in unique shapes (337387-342183-342175-342171-342167)

Product 19

Iron cast horse in gold finish (343006)

Product 5

  Traditional Ndebele dolls from South Africa (reference 328950 through 328968)      

Product 2

  Astonishing hand-painted Chinese ceramics (reference 331138 through 331149)  

Product 3

  J-ST-321268 set of 5 buddha head on stand - white marble

Product 1

  325801  4 door dresser  

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